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Just in Time for the Cold Winter – Community Members Team up to Knit Artemus a Scarf!

Nearly 25 feet long and knitted by 25 community member in 25 days, Artemus, the buffalo bursting through the façade of The Rockwell Museum, will keep warm this winter with a new hand-knit scarf! Local knitters at Wooly Minded on Market Street knitted Artemus a red-and-green scarf to wear during the bitter winter months. 


Knitters from the community were invited to help knit and crochet the scarf, which took over 6,500 yards of yarn to complete!

Artemus’ scarf is two-feet wide and 25 feet long to accommodate his 60 inch neck.


For nearly 14 years, the façade of The Rockwell Museum building has been home to a bison named “Artemus.”  In 1999, Tom Gardner – a well known artist – received a $5,000 grant from The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes in order to create a fiberglass sculpture for placement on the exterior of The Rockwell.   Funding for the project was provided by The New York State Council on the Arts, which supported the design and fabrication of this whimsical creation — a bison bursting through the façade of the Museum building. 

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