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Featured Product: Studio Penny Lane


His and Hers Gratefulness Apothecary Jars

The Rockwell Museum’s guiding vision is realized through every part of the museum, even our retail offerings. Our continued emphasis on American made, Native made, and Fair trade supports our commitment to a sustainable global economy.

Many of the products we offer have a mission of their own. This month we are offering Studio Penny Lane products, a company founded by Laurie Libman-Wilson of Solana Beach, California. In Libman-Wilson’s own words, “Studio Penny Lane was created to promote a global educational Movement fostering Mindful Awareness for children. The goal is to positively reset the direction of how we teach our children by eliminating patterns of negativity, fear and even helplessness, and replace them with the tools to love without condition, dream courageously, and recognize and nurture each child’s true gifts. Our intention is to empower youth to create positive change in their own lives and ultimately their families, schools, communities and the world… One penny, one child, one thought at a time.”

PennyLaneThis line of glassware is meant  to help you be grateful for your partner or the people in your life. Mindfulness is a mental technique utilized to become more aware of your thoughts and to live in the present moment/thought without judgement.

 Packed is a substantial gift box each with it’s own set of instructions to keep your loved-ones in mind in your practice of daily gratitude. 32 oz. glass jars come with a group of starter cards to help you write down what you are grateful for. 

laurie beanieAccording to the Studio Penny Lane website, the genesis of Studio Penny Lane evolved out of the tragic loss of Conrad Morales, a very dear friend of Laurie Wilson. Their relationship began in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and was defined by friendship, trust and compassion. Conrad’s death on August 25th, 2007, resulted from an overdose and the resultant accidental fall on July 3rd, 2007 a year and a half after the horrific deaths of his two young sons. Deeply affected by the passing of her close friend, Laurie realized the gift Conrad had left her was the clarity and passion to fulfill her longtime goal of making a difference by improving the lives of others.

Conrad Morales was raised in the low-income projects of L.A., and, as Laurie believes, became a victim of his environment and himself. What followed was a life of drugs, prison, torn-apart families, and eventually his own overdose. After Conrad’s death, Laurie conceptualized Studio Penny Lane as an effort to help others avoid the fate of Conrad and his children.



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