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western landscape drawing principles basics

The moving of settlers from the east into the wilderness of the west has forever changed the look of the country. In this virtual tour, students will explore Westward Expansion using The Rockwell Collection as a jumping-off point.

Learn about what the landscape of the west looked like before it was settled by Europeans and how that changed as they moved through and settled. Find out how artists were involved in Westward Expansion and what a trip across the wilderness could have been like. Students will learn to “read” the story of works of art, by looking carefully at two important paintings, Mt. Whitney by Albert Bierstadt and If the woman in the wagon was scared to death…, 1918 by N.C. Wyeth to spark conversation and learning.

This tour was designed to align with Grade 2 New York State Curriculum. All educators are welcome to access these resources. In this tour you will find:

  • Video: Westward Expansion: Albert Bierstadt’s Mount Whitney
  • Video: Westward Expansion: Moving West
  • Art Project Instructions: Changing Landscape project including basics of perspective drawing
  • Online Game: Pack Your Covered Wagon

We are pleased to offer this Westward Expansion tour and lesson plan free of charge!

All we ask is that you provide some basic information about yourself and your classroom so we can continue to offer important virtual opportunities like this one. A link to the virtual tour content and password will be sent automatically to your e-mail inbox once you submit your form!

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    Note: All items with an asterisk (*) are required

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