Research Request Form – Rules of Access

For anyone entering the library to study art objects, the following rules must be adhered to, or they will be asked to leave. These rules apply to all collection materials. The staff of The Rockwell Museum will make every effort to see that qualified researchers are given a reasonable amount of access to collections and assistance in their research needs.

  1. All research projects require a prior appointment and all decisions concerning access to collections will be made at the discretion of the Curator of Collections or Registrar. Access to certain items may be limited due to condition or other reasons established by the staff.
  2. Food and drink, including chewing gum, candy, or mints, are not allowed in the library.
  3. A Rockwell Museum staff member must be in the library at all times when objects are present.
  4. Research visitors working around original materials are not allowed any personal items.
  5. Pencils are the only writing implements allowed within the library. Laptop computers may be used, but should be placed at a safe distance from any artwork. Photography is not permitted.
  6. Take care that nothing touches the art. Remove or secure any objects that might fall or cause a danger to artwork, including ties, scarves, jewelry or identification badges. Avoid sneezing or coughing over objects.
  7. The Rockwell Museum staff will handle all artwork. In isolated cases, when researchers are experienced museum professionals, they may be permitted to handle certain objects.
  8. Removal of materials from the building is strictly prohibited, unless a loan has been arranged.
  9. The Rockwell Museum may request a copy of any subsequent publications.
  10. Requests for photographic images and permission to reproduce should be made in writing and submitted to the Registrar.
  11. The researcher is advised that The Rockwell Museum may not hold literary or other copyrights to some items, and that it is the researcher’s responsibility to secure these rights.
  12. Researchers are expected to abide by all professional and scholarly best practices of research ethics.


By clicking the checkbox on the previous page, I admit that I have read the access policy statement and agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the The Rockwell Museum. I assume full responsibility and agree to identify The Rockwell Museum of any claim, damage, or expenses caused The Rockwell Museum by my use of The Rockwell Museum’s materials. I will sign to that effect on the first page of this form.


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