ArtRx: Creative Antidotes

ArtRx is a response to the state of being human in America.

The Rockwell aspires to be a unique community center where people enjoy, connect and reflect on the essence of the American spirit, character and values through the eyes of American artists. In 2020, the American experience was impacted in a way we never could have expected. an ArtRx started as a way to process the COVID-19 pandemic. We quickly realized that if we’re talking about the unprecedented magnitude of loss and change, the awakening of the country to systemic racism needed to be part of the conversation as well.

It’s proven that art, even just viewing art, can help us connect back to ourselves and others. We dearly treasure the first responders who cater to our survival. We’ve become more grateful to them than ever before this year. But once our basic needs are met, how do we find the strength to carry on being human? The arts work as a “second responder” to meet our next stage of needs: connection and belonging.

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Throughout your visit, you’ll notice staff responses to collection artworks through the lens of ArtRx. We invite you to ask yourself what artworks you see in a new light. Do our reactions resonate with you, or do you find something different in our selected artworks? Use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR codes – this will open the web browser to find a community message board where you can add your own thoughts. Snap a photo of an artwork that resonates with you and upload it, or comment on someone else’s post. We encourage you to share these thoughts with family and friends, and continue these conversations outside of our gallery walls.

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