Tiny Gallery Concert Contest: Submissions

Submissions to the 2020 Tiny Gallery Concert Contest have been posted here – thank you for all the creativity and community support!

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Song Title: A Trail Called Memories
Submission By: Smith & Baker (song by Kevin Baker)
Inspiration: The End of the Trail | James Earle Fraser

Song Title: Along The Rio Grande
Submission By: Teddy Chipouras
Inspiration: Along the Rio Grande | Walter Ufer

Song Title: Artemus
Submission By: Robert Carozzoni
Videographer: Carrie Carozzoni
Inspiration: Artemus the Bison Tom Gardner, with references to Bierstadt’s Mount Whitney, Henry Sharp’s Gift Dance Drummers, Eberle’s Little Mother, Remington’s Bronco Buster

Song Title: Bronco Buster
Submission By:
Jason Ager
The Bronco Buster by Frederic Sackrider Remington & Breaking Down the Wild Horse by George Catlin

Song Title: Burning House of Fire
Submission By: Now and Then (song by Neila and Ted Goldwyn)
Videographer: Noah Goldwyn
Inspiration: Flame House – Cedar Mesa, Utah | John A. Doddato

Song Title: Can’t Get Across the Rio Grande
Submission By: Pete Thompson
Inspiration: Along the Rio Grande | Walter Ufer

Song Title: Cornhusk Girl
Submission By: Mitch Goldwater
Inspiration: Cornhusk Doll, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) / Seneca

Song Title: Diesel Fitter
Submission By: Ken VanEtten
Inspiration: Bob and Hertha Rockwell Portrait | Thomas S. Buechner

Song Title: Gunslinger
Submission By: Phil Way
Videographer: Phil Way/ Tori Burdick
Inspiration: The Gunslinger | Frederic Remington

Song Title: In Between
Submission By: Sean Lukasik
Inspiration: Letting Go / From Chaos to Calm | Kay WalkingStick

Song Title: March
Submission By: Louiston
Inspiration: March | Grant Wood


Song Title: Mt. Whitney
Submission By: Will Landon
Inspiration: Mount Whitney | Albert Bierstadt


Song Title: Oceans of Time
Submission By: Reuben, Malcolm, and Boden Greenspun
Inspiration: Hoodoos – Bryce Canyon, UT | Doddato, John

Song Title: Pony Express
Submission By: Abraham Smith
Inspiration: The Pony Express | Harry Jackson

Song Title: Racetrack
Submission By: Ben Borkowski
Inspiration: The Racetrack, Death Valley National Park | John Doddato

Song Title: The San Joaquin River 
Submission By: The Most Famous Steve Webb
Inspiration: Mt. Diablo from the San Joaquin River | John Ross Key 


Song Title: Turned To Stone
Submission By: Harmonic Dirt (song by Susan Coleman and Mike Gridley)
Videographer: Gabe Bucci
Inspiration: Ripple Rock, Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ | John A. Doddato


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