Audio Tours

For those who want to explore even more about the Rockwell collection and special exhibitions, tune into Rockwell audio tours. Audio tours allow you to immerse yourself in storytelling during your visit, on your own or with a friend!

The Rockwell works with the local community to narrate these unique tours, bringing the art to life with a goal for accessibility at the core.

Tips for listening:

  • Visitors may use the QR reader on their own mobile device, or borrow a Guide ID listening device and headphones from the Admission Desk, free of charge
  • Follow the tour in order, or skip around as much as you like – QR codes and Guide ID receivers are placed next to each artwork, and the easily-navigable tour site allows flexibility in your tour
  • Headphones are encouraged in the galleries, but not required

Current available Audio Tours:

Artists as Activistsartists as activists audio tour

The Artists as Activists tour investigates a wide range of media and decades that demonstrate different forms activism can take. The tour includes artists who lived well over 100 years ago through today, whose basketry, oil paintings, photography, sculpture and more give us a glimpse into what being an activist has meant in different periods of American history. Topics include animal rights, humanitarian issues of representation, race and prejudice, feminism, intellectual property, LGBTQ+ activism, systems of religious oppression and more.

Narrators: Molly Bierman, Sharon Bryant, Alex Dell, Anjanette Lecher

Generous support for this project provided by Art Bridges


Please Touch! The Art of Michael Naranjo

Artworks on exhibit in museums typically accompanied by signs that say, “Please do not touch.” Please Touch! The Art of Michael Naranjo, invites visitors to experience remarkable bronze sculptures that are touchable – created by a Native American artist whose compelling life story will inspire reflection about art and artistic inspiration. Hear visual descriptions of each work of art, as well as quotes from the artist himself, designed to offer a robust and accessible arts experience for all. 

Narrator: Christopher Lomax 



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