Family Exploration Studio

Family Exploration Studio

Stop by our new Family Exploration Studio, where you can enjoy family art projects on your own time, on your own terms.

  •  The Studio is open every day, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • The Studio offers families an interactive space, especially those with children ages 5–12.
  • As always, kids and teens are free – but children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The Studio is designed to encourage play and creativity while supporting the cognitive development.
  • Each center includes a “Collection Connection” which is fundamental to all of our family experiences.
  • We are thrilled to have you visit. Before you step inside, please make sure to read Tips for enjoying The Studio.

Here are a few activity ideas for kids and their grownups in the Exploration Studio:

  1. Use your imagination and create your own mythical being!  You can cut out, draw or trace circles, squares, triangles, faces, hands, feet, claws, wings, tails, etc. to make your mythical creature. Think about your creation… does it live in the air? On land? In the water? What does it like to do?
  2. Write a story of your own! Or, kids can tell your story and ask grownups to write it down for you. Think about one animal character, such as a bear, turtle, deer, etc. For inspiration, look at paintings and sculptures of animals throughout The Rockwell.
  3. Read stories about animals – real, imaginary and legendary!  And then look for the real and magical animals in the collection galleries throughout The Rockwell.
  4. Design your own landscape, inspired by the works on view in the galleries!  Use your imagination to create a magical place – a sunset, a forest, a mountain view, a canyon, a field. Take a picture and post your finished landscape on Facebook and share on The Rockwell’s page.
  5. Memory Game!  Gently slide the puzzle pieces on the table to make a pot inspired by our pottery display.
  6. Re-create the masterpiece with a magnetic puzzle.  Piece together the image of “The Tanner” and then see if you can find the painting, “The Tanner” on the third floor.


Special Thanks

The Family Exploration Studio is made possible in part by LeChase Construction Services, LLC.  LeChase Construction, LLC

The Rockwell Museum received a very generous gift from William H. Goodrich, President and Chief Executive Officer on behalf of LeChase Construction, to upgrade the Family Exploration Studio. New furniture and fixtures were provided by LeChase in order to offer an enhanced educational experience. A team from LeChase repainted; replaced the carpeting with new; and provided new interpretive signage.

The Studio supports the larger educational vision of The Rockwell; to be a leader in providing authentic art and cultural education experiences. The Rockwell is deeply appreciative of this gift from Mr. Goodrich and LeChase Construction.



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