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Rockwell Paper Scissors: Superhero Gauntlets

This Rockwell Paper Scissors project is available at the KIDS ROCKWELL Art Lab February 18 – February 26 (while supplies last), along with many other hero-themed projects throughout the season. Or, follow along at home with these simple DIY instructions to make your own superhero-inspired Gauntlet with art materials from around your home.

Many artists are resourceful and like to use all kinds of materials, including those you might find in your home and use every day. See what materials you have to complete this project, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new and unexpected.

Jason Garcia / Okuu Pin, Pueblo Warriors Jar, 2014, Polychrome ceramic, 8 × 5 1/2 in. Reifschlager Fund. 2018.6

For this month’s Rockwell Paper Scissors, we were inspired by Pueblo Warriors Jar by artist Jason Garcia. His Indigenous (Native) name is Okuu Pin. Artist Jason Garcia grew up in the Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico. He grew up reading comic books. Comics became popular in 1960s and 1970s (50-60 years ago) and were the first widely-accessible mass media available to Native Americans living on reservations. This was a time when many people did not have TVs and there was no internet! Comic books were and continue to be a very colorful and exciting source of entertainment for all ages. 

Artists find inspiration from a variety of sources, including many different places, people and media that they encounter in their lives. The superhero characters in comics, as well as video games and pop culture today are the inspiration for Garcia’s art. What inspires you?

Do you notice any Native American characters on the jar? Garcia paints Native Americans as superheroes. He also paints the iconic Marvel superheroes, Loki and Thor. He does this on purpose because he wants you to think about who a hero can be.

Many Pueblo people fought against Europeans over land and their human rights. By painting a Native American warrior on the jar, we see that person as a hero. Who is a hero to you? What makes them a hero? Think about how they treat other people and take care of you. Also think about what important things they stand up for. 

Are you a hero to someone? You can be a hero through you actions or just by listening to others and showing that you care and support them. Sometimes, it can feel empowering to wear special gear or accessories. Try making your own shimmery, wrist-protecting gauntlet set to show others that you are a hero.

What You’ll Need

  • Cardboard tube (2 from toilet paper rolls, or cut 1 paper towel roll in half)
  • Scissors
  • Colorful paper – wrapping paper and construction (craft) paper are both great options
  • Glue stick

Superhero Gauntlet Project Instructions 

Follow the instructions here, or follow along with our video tutorial!

  1. Cut down the length of a cardboard tube, so that it can wrap around your wrist. It will look like a rectangle if you gently flatten it.
  2. Cut a piece of colorful paper or foil that is a little larger than your cardboard tube.
  3. Rub glue all over one side of the paper
  4. Starting at one cut edge of the tube, roll the cardboard tube onto the paper so that the outside of the tube is completely covered with paper.
  5. Trim off any paper that hangs over the edges of the tube.
  6. Cut shapes (circles, stars, hearts, etc.) out of contrasting colors of paper. Use the glue stick to add the shapes to your cardboard tube.
  7. Try cutting some strips of paper to make fringe around one end of your tube. Glue the strips of paper to the inside of the short end of the tube.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 with your second tube. Then have fun with your brightly decorated gauntlet gear! Put them on your wrists and be a hero to others in your family and in your community.

Rockwell Paper Scissors is a new blog series featuring easily recreate-able art projects that you can do at home! Each installment will feature a materials list, step by step guide with photos, and Rockwell artwork connection.

Share your project with us! Tag your project with #RockwellPaperScissors, or tag The Rockwell on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with your creation.



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